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25 x 1 gram Pamp multigram bar


Introducing the prestigious 25 x 1 gram PAMP Multigram Bar, a pinnacle of elegance and precision in gold bullion. Crafted by the esteemed PAMP Suisse, each Multigram Bar contains twenty-five individual 1 gram gold bars, showcasing the renowned Swiss craftsmanship and purity.

Minted from 99.99% pure gold, these bars epitomize quality and reliability. The iconic PAMP Suisse logo and unique serial number on each bar ensure authenticity and add a touch of distinction to this remarkable collection.

Whether you’re a discerning investor seeking versatility or a collector admiring fine artistry, the 25 x 1 gram PAMP Multigram Bar offers sophistication, security, and investment potential in one exceptional package. Elevate your portfolio with this esteemed bullion offering from PAMP Suisse.