The Eric Metaxas Radio Show with Charles Thorngren

In a time of financial uncertainty, Charles Thorngren and Eric Metaxas get straight to the point as they discuss the truth behind today’s market. If you would like to learn more, please watch the interview below.

What Happens to the Financial Market if Russia Invades Ukraine?

Russia is in a hawkish mood. It is ringing Ukraine with 100,000 troops, enough to bring back what Putin believes is a prodigal country. The Russians are putting up a false flag, and the US is sending weapons to Kyiv and troops to Poland and Germany in the hopes of shoring up Ukraine’s defense if […]

The Fed is playing politics & your retirement is at risk

As we promised last week, we’re going to explain how the Fed’s response to our economy is going to complicate economic matters and make things worse, however we have to begin with a piece of breaking news that came in yesterday.  The numbers just came out and inflation rose by a staggering 7% this past […]

Manufacturing slumped to 11 month low

This is really important news. Please take two minutes to read this. We just found out that manufacturing slumped to an 11 month low in December. The Institute for Supply Management reported it’s manufacturing index activity reading fell to 58.7 in December, 2.4 percent below the consensus forecast of 60.5.  Here was Timothy R. Fiore’s […]

2022 Outlook: Warning signs from 2021 that you should pay attention to

2022 Economic Forecast by Legacy Precious Metals

2021 is coming to a close and the number one question we’re getting from most of our clients is what’s going to happen in 2022. In order to forecast what 2022 will look like from an economic standpoint, it’s important to look at the data we’ve obtained this past year.  We all knew that spending […]